Ethnic ceasefire groups on resurgence mode Hey ! Notice the gap ! Ethnic ceasefire groups on resurgence mode Mungpi Mizzima News ( 21, 2007 - Moves for a resurgence is in evidence among several Sino-Burma border based ethnic armed rebel groups, which have a ceasefire agreemen 設計裝潢t with the Burmese military junta, sources on the border reveal. The rebel groups, most of whom are fighting for equality and self-determination, are under pressure to surrender their arms once the National Convention to be reconvened on J 租屋網uly 18 is concluded, sources said. U Mya Maung, Sino-Burma border based military analyst told Mizzima that preparations are in full swing among several ceasefire groups. "What I can see is that the groups are planning to revitalize should the junta's 禮服pressure to surrender arms go beyond a limit," Mya Maung said. While avoiding mention of names of the armed groups, he said there are possibilities that there might be a split in the armed groups on whether they should succumb to the junta's pressure or revive resistan 關鍵字行銷ce. Sources said, the junta has indicated to the ceasefire armed groups to give up their arms and form political parties to participate in the planned general elections, which according to observers and Burma watchers is likely to take place in 2008. "I have been told by one of the arme 西裝d groups of this notice and it gives me the impression that many are not going to give up their arms," Mya Maung said. Several ethnic armed groups including one of Burma's longest surviving ethnic insurgent groups, the Kachin Independence Army, are operating along the Sino-Burma border. Sources sai 花蓮民宿d the Burmese junta has been negotiating with the armed groups to surrender arms and turn into political organizations. With its announcement to reconvene the national convention, which took off in 1993, the junta has indicated that it will call for an election, which basically is aimed at legitimizing its role. 酒店經紀The junta feels that the ethnic armed groups are important in its game-plan. They will help portray to the international community that the regime has the support of ethnic minorities, observed Mya Maung. "But with the armed groups hitching up their socks, the junta's hope is bound to be shattered," he added. There are possibly 商務中心 three factions of ideology that may emerge from the armed groups. While some of the leaders, who have deeply committed themselves to the junta for economic interests, are likely to succumb, others with a strong sense of nationalism will continue armed resistance, he said. He added that among the armed groups there are people who have lost hope, s 膠原蛋白ince the beginning of the ceasefire, and have returned to their villages to live ordinary lives. "It is evident that the ethnic groups will not accept anything less than their demands and are bound to continue their armed struggle, unless there is a genuine federal democracy in Burma," Mya Maung added. 租辦公室.html  .
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